New Japan Food corp.

Since 1983
in Kobe, Japan

Brand Line up 取り扱いブランド紹介


  • Introduction

    We do business for every food lover.



    New Japan Food Corp. was founded in City of Kobe, the 1980s when food distribution network was scarce. As always, we have come a long way towards disseminating Japanese food abroad, and spreading Korean food in Japan. We will continue to make new challenges in the future with relationship of trust and experience in this field.
    Everything for Delicious Food with a Smile.


Contact お問い合わせ

TEL: 078-333-4123
FAX: 078-333-4334

営業時間:9:00-18:00 /土日祝休

International Business Dept. at +81-78-333-4331